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Safety tips for travelling through canal locks

This article gives you some useful advice on how to travel safely on inland waterways through canal locks. Whilst locks are fun, good exercise and an opportunity to meet other boaters from a boat insurance perspective, locks are also one of the key sources of boat insurance claims. So with that in mind we thought it might be useful to give you few tips on how to avoid problems that could otherwise spoil travelling along one of the country’s greatest legacies.
Reviewed: 25/02/2018

Boat Insurance: Benefits and Costs

A discussion of the cost versus benefits of boat insurance (and how we are continually seek to keep our costs competitive)!
Reviewed: 20/02/2018

Speedboat Safety Tips

The attraction of all speedboats/ powerboats is their speed and agility. Inevitably as an insurance provider, this combination can also lead itself to a higher potential of risks. It is for this reason we thought it useful to provide some advice to help reduce the risk of an accident whilst still enjoying your speedboat to the full.
Reviewed: 13/02/2018

The Best Yacht Insurance

What's the best yacht insurance cover available? Are all policies the same? Should I get competitive quotes to ensure I get the best yacht cover available?
Reviewed: 09/02/2018

Cheap Boat Insurance?

Cheap boat insurance always comes at a cost. Mercia Marine aim to provide a low cost of cover yet guarantee a good quality of policy, in short we don't take shortcuts that will more likely leave you with out cover when you need it most. This article tells you how we do this.
Reviewed: 07/02/2018

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