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  • A salvage is the process of managing to retrieve or save a vessel from a perilous situation such that it is not written off for insurance purposes (i.e. saved without need for repair or made seaworthy again through repair).


  • Thwarts provide extra strength and durability to the hull and are normally used to house a boat seat.


  • The mainsail is usually simply the tallest and/ or widest sail.


  • Trimming refers to sail adjustments made to improve the effectiveness of sails against the wind.


  • Back-stays are critical for two reasons. First and foremost is to stop the mast from moving forward, secondly is to allow the adjustment in the amount of acceptable flexibility in the mast. Back-stays can be either temporary or permanently fixed, with those permanently fixed usually joining to gun-whales and running to the transom.


Please note: All boat insurance glossary terms are provided with best intentions only. All terms are subject to correction or amendment at any time and are also always superseded/ secondary to any definitions provided in current marine insurance policy documentation.

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