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  • An outhaul is a device located to the aft of of the yachts boom. It's purpose is to ensure that the clew is well secured so that the footings are nice and taught.


  • Aft simply means near to or towards the stern of a vessel.

Total Loss Replacement

  • An insurance coverage option which in the event of total loss with a replacement boat that is, to all closest extent, the same make and model and contains comparable features.


  • A salvage is the process of managing to retrieve or save a vessel from a perilous situation such that it is not written off for insurance purposes (i.e. saved without need for repair or made seaworthy again through repair).


  • Thwarts provide extra strength and durability to the hull and are normally used to house a boat seat.


Please note: All boat insurance glossary terms are provided with best intentions only. All terms are subject to correction or amendment at any time and are also always superseded/ secondary to any definitions provided in current marine insurance policy documentation.

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