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Boat Insurance Testimonials - 7/2018

Whilst providing highly competitive rates we guarantee to provide you with a quality insurance product and great service with an emphasis on the personal touch... no automated calls, no junk mail, no calls waiting in queue!

So that you don't just need to take our word for it, listed below are pieces of feedback provided to us by our boat insurance customers...

Garry: RIB Owner (31/07/2018).

quick and simple. Thank you

Gary: Dinghy Owner (30/07/2018).

5 stars

Brian: Yacht Owner (30/07/2018).

Web site was very easy to follow and informative and the deal i had was very competitive and just what i wanted. The payment options were simple and easy to use and the payment was accepted. I would recommend this site to my other sailors as being a fair and reputable company to do business with.

Gwyneth: Dinghy Owner (30/07/2018).

very good

Virginia: Dinghy Owner (28/07/2018).


Nick David: Narrowboat Owner (28/07/2018).

good service

Peter: Motorboat Owner (28/07/2018).

Very easy to navigate site and simple to achieve desired result. 5 stars.

Russ: Motorboat Owner (26/07/2018).


Paul: Motorboat Owner (26/07/2018).

Very easy site, great price and staff very informed and helpful in all aspects. Thank you.

Steven: Dinghy Owner (25/07/2018).

Very clear and easy to understand

David: Cruiser Owner (24/07/2018).

Excellent value. 5*

Robin: Motorboat Owner (24/07/2018).

5 star always polite and Curtis

Arthur: Motorboat Owner (23/07/2018).

very easy to use 5 stars

Ian: RIB Owner (22/07/2018).

Fast, effient, at a good price.

Sean: Dinghy Owner (21/07/2018).

Fantastic, very easy to organise on line. Quote is fast. Documents arrive instantly once paid. Very helpful on the phone. Many thanks.. sorted

Peter: Narrowboat Owner (20/07/2018).

quick easy , no problems , good service

Barry: Narrowboat Owner (20/07/2018).

Good service. Queries By phone answered promptly. I spoke with Josh who instructed me to state that I am currently living in Spain and will only use the boat for holiday periods.

Keith: Motorboat Owner (20/07/2018).

No problems & easy to access

Bilal: Narrowboat Owner (19/07/2018).

The site is great.

Jenny: Cruiser Owner (18/07/2018).

5* quick and easy to use

Ian: Cruiser Owner (18/07/2018).

Very helpful as a returning customer 5*

Steven John: RIB Owner (18/07/2018).

Great site, that was easy!

Ken: Dinghy Owner (18/07/2018).

Very good on web and also answering questions on phone - simple and quick, thanks.

Robert: Dinghy Owner (17/07/2018).

Easy to use thanks

Melvyn: Motorboat Owner (17/07/2018).

This service was very easy to use and I experienced no problems. The reply to my quote request was very quick. Overall I was very pleased with the service and the premium quoted.

Verena: Dinghy Owner (17/07/2018).

Easy to use.

Mark: Motorboat Owner (16/07/2018).

All works very well no problems my end thanks

Stephen: Rowing Boat Owner (16/07/2018).

Excellent efficient service

Stuart: Speedboat Owner (16/07/2018).

Great site, very easy to use.

Richard: Cruiser Owner (16/07/2018).

Very good

Kenneth: Cruiser Owner (16/07/2018).

Straightforward and simple with Mercia Marine.

John: Cruiser Owner (14/07/2018).

Very good,quick & easy to use

Michael: Catamaran Owner (14/07/2018).

All ok

Neil: Cruiser Owner (13/07/2018).

Very easy to use

Kenneth: Motorboat Owner (12/07/2018).


Stephen: Cruiser Owner (12/07/2018).


John: Narrowboat Owner (11/07/2018).

Very good service pleasant company to deal with pleased with my quote for insurance would recommend to all, many thanks.

Vladimir: Motorboat Owner (11/07/2018).

Nice, easy and quick...

Clive: Catamaran Owner (10/07/2018).

Nice renewal reminder, simple and clear policy. Payment is fast and slick. Good experience, thanks.

Vincent: Yacht Owner (10/07/2018).

Great service very easy to use

Andrew: Dinghy Owner (09/07/2018).

very easy application, well recommended.

John: Dinghy Owner (09/07/2018).

Very quick,and simple thanks you

Ian: Dinghy Owner (08/07/2018).


Gary: Dinghy Owner (07/07/2018).

Very quick and easy service

Chris: Yacht Owner (06/07/2018).

Staff went out of their way to very quickly review my needs and alter the quote to suit. Thanks again.

Gerald: Motorboat Owner (06/07/2018).

Was not able to ammend the start date from the quotation without a ''phone call which incidentally was sent from Greece. Otherwise fairly impressive.

Mike: Dinghy Owner (05/07/2018).


Rhiannon: Yacht Owner (05/07/2018).

Everything really simple, really easy, I really like things being straight-forward and you offered this on site and on the phone. Which is one of the core reasons that I picked you.

Robert: RIB Owner (05/07/2018).

Very good

James Preston: Yacht Owner (04/07/2018).

positive no problem at all

Laurence: Dinghy Owner (03/07/2018).


Keith: Cruiser Owner (03/07/2018).

Easy to arrange cover all good so far

Mark: Cruiser Owner (02/07/2018).

Great service

Pat: Motorboat Owner (01/07/2018).

No hassles, very clear instructions,

Donald: Motorboat Owner (01/07/2018).

all fine

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