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Welcome to Mercia Marine! We combine a quality boat insurance product and great UK customer support with fantastically competitive rates, our service aims really are that simple! Policy rates start from as little as £116.92 for a basic fully comprehensive cover, also review our average policy costs section across to the right in the 'compare' section... these figures are based on live policy data and are provided to give you a clear and honest indication of our value for money.

Our Policy Highlights

In addition to the above, listed below are the various policy attributes which are available/ offered to you as standard. Plus remember, we're fully UK-based, when dealing with us we guarantee you'll always get dealt with in person by named UK staff.

  • Narrowboat insuranceQuality hand-picked policies underwritten by long-established insurers.
  • Waterway breach or closure cover included (see policy for details).
  • Cover for fenders, smoke stacks, horns and lights (conditions apply)
  • Protected no claims cover available.
  • No excess for first claims in named home marina (conditions apply).
  • Minimum £2m liability limit included.
  • Up to 30% no claims discount.
  • Highly competitive rates insurance rates as standard.
  • Contents cover available (flag this requirement when quoting or contact us direct).
  • Increased excess available to further reduce policy cost.
  • Named UK based staff and no automated call systems!
  • Strictly no junk mail or nuisance after-sales calls!
  • Rapid quotes within on-line payment...

Our Latest Rates

If you are buying narrowboat insurance you can proceed via either of the links below and rest assured the stated prices are based upon live policy data;

Fully Comprehensive Cover: Basic cover starts from as little as £116.92, get cover now! »
Third Party Cover: Basic cover starts from as little as £76.60, get cover now! »

What Our Customers Have Had To Say Recently

Here are our most recent few feedback comments given to us by narrowboat customers;

  • 'Fantastic so easy to use it’s as easy as ordering something off amazon 😀well done 🙏👍' (Stuart, 12/04/2022, The Sarren corren)
  • 'Wnderful customer service. never had any issues. thank you for your great service. ' (Valentine, 25/03/2022, Wendy)
  • 'N complaints 😁 very quick & easy to pay online ' (Christina, 13/01/2022, Colour of Magic)
  • 'Good easy process.' (Paul, 04/12/2021, Serendipity)
  • 'Very easy to pay money to renew insurance' (Mark, 13/11/2021, maiden)
  • '*****' (Robert, 29/09/2021, Samantha)
  • 'Very good service. prompt responses.' (Virginia, 23/08/2021, Polly's Pride)
  • 'Psitive has usual excellent service ' (Robert, 09/08/2021, mabuhay)
  • 'Excellent. very easy to use.' (Paul, 20/06/2021, TRA-ZEE-JAY)
  • 'Good website, very easy to use. most importantly of all great service over the phone too. many thanks!' (Philip, 30/04/2021, Mary Jane)

Common Narrowboat Insurance Questions

What Is The Average Narrowboat Insurance Cost?

Based on latest data an average UK narrowboat insurance policy inclusive of 10% IPT tax normally costs between £87.85 (third party) and £226.78 (full comprehensive).

How Is Narrowboat Insurance Calculated?

Calculation of a narrowboat insurance premium normally involves an insurer determining a percentage rate (a higher rate represents more risk) which is then multiplied by your total vessel valuation. The primary rate is likely to be determined by your chosen mooring type, boat age and whether you have any recent claims history or other specialist policy requirements. To calculate the final rate the primary rate is then usually multiplied by the combined stated vessel value (i.e. including any generators/ additional equipment etc) after which any no claims or increased excess discount are discounted. Finally UK tax is added (10% at time of writing).

Is It Mandatory To Buy Narrowboat Insurance In The UK?

In most instances, no, it is not a requirement in the UK. However you may need at least third-party cover to access private boatyards and marinas or to travel certain private waterways (e.g. the Avon River Trust). If in doubt, always check locally in advance and remember a third party policy to give you peace of mind can cost as little as £76.60 per year.

Can I Immediately Buy My Narrowboat Insurance Online?

In most instances, yes. Only under certain circumstances might your details be referred to us for a quick manual checking by staff before we return your quote (note this is done during normal working hours). Reasons for this include; recent claims, vessel age above 25 years without a recent survey, non-standard cruising ranges, commercial use vessels, abnormal value items (e.g. generators, navigational equipment), vessels undergoing major refit/ repair.

How Can I Reduce My Narrowboat Insurance Quote?

Always remember the golden rule that a higher vessel value AND more risk equals a higher premium, this is fundamental to your quote. Thus firstly ensure your vessel valuation is accurate (check current market rates on a narrowboat sales website for similar aged/ type of vessel). Secondly, certain factors are statistically known to increase the risk of claims: non-private/ unprotected moorings and older vessels. Finally it' also worth checking if any personal/ content items or items such as power generators could be covered by your home insurance as removing these from your vessel valuation will also reduce your quote.

What Information Do I Need To Buy Narrowboat Insurance?

When buying narrowboat insurance online you will be asked to provide: build year, length, legal owner(s), mooring type/ location, years no claims, details of any recent claims and place of registration (UK or otherwise). Post-purchase evidence of no claims bonus will need submitting and older vessel owners (20-25 years+) may well need to supply recent boat survey evidence (i.e. within 5 years).

What Additional Policy Options Are There?

Our policies do all usually supply additional options. For narrowboats, dutch barges and houseboats these options are as follows; third party or fully comprehensive, protected no claims, increased legal cover, contents cover, increased policy excess, outboard/ generator cover.

Should I Get Other Narrowboat Insurance Quotes?

Yes, to get the best/ most suitable deal for you, we'd always recommend it! Whilst our insurance matches anything available in our industry in terms of value for money, we want you to know that you're getting the best deal for you. This is particularly important if you have a high value vessel or want to insure multiple vessels or if you have specialist cruising/ activity requirements (remember we're an underwriter not a broker so we always have qualified staff immediately at hand to tailor your package to your specific circumstances). Also if in doubt it may also well be worth giving us a quick call on 01684 564 457 (i.e. if you're getting a better quote elsewhere or are unhappy with our standard policy conditions and want an amendment).

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Narrowboat insurance quoteWe'd love to have you on board! Our insurance offers total piece of mind and it takes less than 5 minutes!You'll be covered by one of the UK's leading narrowboat insurers and we then leave you to enjoy your boating safe in the knowledge that you're guaranteed great quality protection and responsive UK-based customer service direct from us whenever you need it.

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