Marine Legal Protection Insurance

In additional to a boat insurance policy we encourage customers to consider taking out Marine Legal Protection Insurance to assist you in any incident involving your boat for which you require legal advice or assistance. Marine Legal Protection Insurance provides you with 24/7 access to legal expertise and cover includes legal advisers’ costs for matters concerning:

  • Uninsured Loss Recoveries
  • Personal Injury Pursuits
  • Contract Disputes
  • Prosecution Defences
  • Identity Fraud

Marine Legal Protection Insurance also includes:

Emergency Expenses to return you back home if the vessel is damaged and rendered no longer seaworthy whilst abroad. This includes returning you to your vessel once it is back to its best following repairs;

Mooring Fees for up to 28 days in the event that you cannot use your boat as a result of your illness, injury or accidental loss or damage to your boat;

Temporary Replacement Costs up to a maximum of £2,500 per insured incident following a non-fault collision or impact resulting in you not being able to use your boat for a planned trip.

The telephone assistance service also offers:

  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice
  • Marine Assistance
  • Claims Advice
  • Message Relay
  • Travel concierge and;
  • Personal Risk advice

Marine Legal Protection Insurance cover will pay up to £150,000 to cover the legal costs incurred during a claim for accident loss recovery or personal injury pursuit and up to £100,000 for Contract Disputes (except for commercial vessels), Prosecution Defence and Identity Fraud. These costs can include court fees/ costs, lawyers’ and barristers’ fees, expenses for expert witnesses and even the other side’s costs if the court finds in their interests. With Marine Legal Protection Insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if a problem turns into a legal dispute, you’ll have the practical and financial support to help protect your legal rights.

For more details regarding the cover provided please contact us

NB: Marine Legal Protection Insurance cover can only be purchased alongside a new boat insurance policy.