We are seeking a win-win with UK boat clubs and charitable boating trusts to sponsor our website.


PUBLISHED 03/12/2014

BY admin

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We always look to create win-win relationships with our customers here at Mercia Marine and sometimes that means we think a little differently to help us stand apart from the rest, that includes how we market ourselves. Clearly we’re a business and due to the need to generate income we need to advertise, but equally rather than pay a small number of large commercial organisations to promote our website we’d instead much prefer to pay a larger number of small UK boat-related clubs and/ orĀ charities in return for linking to our website or helping to promote us locally. That way we know our money is being put to better use and is directly benefiting those communities whose members are those that ultimately provide our income. For us thisĀ is a simple win-win, some revenue for UK boat-related clubs, some additional useful website exposure for us and also the offer of some great value boat insurance for members of those local clubs and boating communities*.

As a result therefore if this sounds something you be interested in, please do not hesitate to get in touch or pass ours details on to some who is involving in a community boating project or club and who has a website (or is planning to start one)! We’d likely be interested in becoming an advertiser or sponsor.

*Note: As always before buying insurance we would always recommend anyone shops around to satisfy themselves they’ve get the best deal, just as long as they make sure they properly read the small print! Admittedly we say this as we’re absolutely confident we can usually offer better pound for pound than anyone, but do take the time and effort to satisfy yourselves also safe in the knowledge that we can respond quickly as soon as ready!