This short article looks at a few ways the average UK boat owner can save money whilst still get uninhibited the full enjoyment out of their vessel. Cheaper fuel, mooring considerations, boat hire, reducing drag are all options available to the majority of boats.


PUBLISHED 11/09/2010

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This article is for those seeking to tighten their belts without cutting corners or sacrificing their standard of living and most certainly not the enjoyment of our waterways & seas! Why not review your own situation therefore to see where you can tighten your belt a little to ease any financial burdens…

  • Buy spares over the price matching or comparison sites. The internet is perfect for buying all those specialist items that are so often difficult to find by conventional means and so often highly marked-up in dedicated specialist shops around a marina. Shrewd buyers may also consider internet auctions, these are particularly useful for commodity or precise named-model items but make sure you know what the quality is of what you are bidding for and know the standard going price so you can set yourself a strict limit financial before bidding!
  • Do shop around for fuel. The cost of fuel at many boat marinas is usually higher than conventional fuel sellers because marinas have lower fuel turnover therefore the maintenance cost per gallon of fuel they sell is always higher. Whilst we should be somewhat understanding of this, it’s your money, so as long as you are able to safely transport and pour the fuel you can likely buy cheaper elsewhere.
  • Trailer instead of mooring. Marinas, particularly those in popular locations, always seem to get an unreasonably expensive place to moor. But it goes without saying if you have a tow-able vessel then it is nearly always going to be more cost effective to tow your boat home after use so you should consider the time V’s cost implications (depending on just how far from the sea/ regularity of use).
  • Tow your boat low! You have probably heard this tip for bicycles but it’s just as true for trailers. Buy a trailer that carries your boat as low as possible to avoid otherwise unnecessary drag and make sure your wheels are pressured to maximum capacity.
  • Clean your boat hull! Too simple to be true? What is true of trailers and bodywork is also true of hulls! Quite simply a dirty boat hull increases underwater drag which slows you down and equally forces the engine to work harder thus burning up more fuel.. ouch! When you take your boat from the water always take the opportunity to do a quick spot check and remove anything you did not pay for when you purchased the boat.
  • Consider a little extra weekend job. Everyone loves the water, let others share in your pleasure by considering offering weekend trips on the water (make sure you have adequate boat insurance first however).
  • Consider donations or hiring out your boat. Perhaps you have got a few additional friends now you’re a boat owner or perhaps friends of friends have made inquiries about joining you or borrowing your boat. Why not get them to contribute in some way, even if not money then let them supply the supplies for trips or help you with some maintenance, most will enjoy this as it’s not a regular chore to them! (Again though, make sure you have adequate boat insurance if planning to hire your vessel).
  • Finally, get great value boat insurance quote! We’re a specialist boat insurance company so it goes without saying we must mention getting the best value boat insurance for your vessel can save a lot of money. This is what we’re here for, why not get a quote today?

This information contained herein is brought to you with best & fully honest intent only, we hope it is useful to you. If you have any more feel free to send them to use via our contact us page and we’ll get them included… happy boating!