We provide marine racing cover for yachts and catamarans, plus all our dinghy policies include racing cover for free… simple! Here we provide a simple overview and resource links.


PUBLISHED 02/03/2011

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Boat insurance for racing requires that we know the replacement value of for mast, sails, spars and rigging combined (separately you will also be asked for the combined cost of these pus the vessel itself). Based on the values supplied to us upon quotation, a slight rate addition is applied to offset the increased risk of racing. This is calculated into your standard boat insurance quote and can be purchased literally within minutes just like any other standard boat insurance policy. It really is that simple!

We provide local boat racing insurance to the follow vessel types. Follow the links below for more details about the specific vessel and in order to raise a boat insurance quotation.

What’s more as standard racing insurance is included at no extra cost for dinghies…