Cheap boat insurance always comes at a cost. Mercia Marine aim to provide a low cost of cover yet guarantee a good quality of policy, in short we don’t take shortcuts that will more likely leave you with out cover when you need it most. This article tells you how we do this.


PUBLISHED 28/01/2012

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If you are a new boat owner, it must be easy to get confused when trawling through search engines and the lists of boat insurance companies. Most of the boat insurance companies you peruse are third party brokers, only a handful including Mercia Marine are underwriters meaning a greater level of specialism and one less third party involved in supplying your policy. What also makes Mercia Marine different is that we are independent (i.e. not run by a big general insurance provider, with large corporate overheads and offering a less than perfect service) but equally since we are not a small boat insurance provider our operational costs per customer are lower. As a result it is of benefit to go with a company that balances these two only too common opposites. We are a company that focuses on boat insurance and whose employees are therefore entirely knowledgeable about all the specialist circumstances you may have, who can provide cover for virtually any type of watercraft. In short this will ensure that the right type of coverage is purchased, at the right price.

Perhaps you have recently purchased a fishing boat, a narrow boat for vacations or just a dinghy/ cruiser for having fun out afloat over the course of a weekend with friends. Whatever your requirements you will need to contact boat insurance companies to obtain quotes to ensure you have full satisfaction, here at Mercia Marine we can provide a good quality policy at a competitive price. If you want to protect your vessel against any unforeseen boating accidents events then we are help to provide the service you require.

You’ll find all boat insurance policy prices vary. They are based on a number of factors, the most important of which being vessel worth, 3rd party versus comprehensive, your mooring location and your cruising area. Where you cruise and operate your boat is particularly important. As you would expect certain areas are much riskier than others and operation in areas such as estuaries where commercial shipping is afloat can result in huge liabilities for the insurance provider… that’s why we provide a minimum liability cover of £2m as standard! Years no claims is also inevitably important to determining your annual or monthly premium, the more years you have simply means a cheaper boat insurance policy.

If you search hard enough you might find a cheap boat insurance provider can beat our quote (actually we know we are very competitive so are confident you’ll have to search hard!) but if you do make sure to check out their boat insurance limitations before you plump for a competitor policy, you may well find you are not covered for all that you would expect. If in doubt contact us, we are happy to assess policy types and tell you the differences in the event we are cheaper or more expensive than a competitor quotation.

Get yourselves a great value quote and get covered today! Refuse to pay more for less! Get a quote and get covered today.