This article shows how very rapidly you can generate multiple comparative boat insurance quotations on our website… as simple as A-B-C! You thereafter simply select the most preferred to you and proceeding to payment!


PUBLISHED 21/07/2010

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Our online boat insurance quotation enables you to create multiple quotes before deciding which one you want to buy (e.g. as a result if you’re not lucky enough to own multiple vessels(!) this actually enables you to compare boat insurance quotes for differing vessel valuations, third party Vs fully comp etc before you buy). This therefore allows you to rapidly compare different boat insurance quotes and then choose which you prefer most… simple! What’s also great about this though is that this process takes only a matter of a few minutes! Here’s how…

  1. First, generate a boat insurance quotation via our website.
  2. Once the quotation is visible, click ‘Save’ and add some brief details to create an account.
  3. Then click on ‘Additional vessel/ quote’ and create your secondary quote
  4. Once the secondary quotation price is displayed you can then click on the ‘My Quotes/ Policies’ button at the bottom of the form. This will display both the quotations generated side by side.
  5. Finally, you then have the option to do any of the following…
    1. Create any further new boat insurance quotations as required (there is no limit).
    2. Discard the unwanted quotes and click ‘buy’ against the quote(s) you do want to purchase.
    3. Logout and return some other time at your convenience.

Boat Insurance Comparison

Also note that for comparison purposes we also provide a maintained listing of our lowest and average policy costs. This is based upon live customer policy data and is automatically updated daily. Thus this should demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt at a glance if you’re paying to much for too little. Thereafter if you are you can just generate a boat insurance quote click on the relevant category link on our boat insurance comparison page… simple! You can be covered in less than 5 minutes!

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NB: Please note all our quotations remain valid for 30 days.