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"I find you friendly helpful and always a reasonable price. " - David (Dinghy Owner)

As you'll see from our standard policy benefits below, we've got all your dinghy insurance needs covered and we take pride in being able to provide you with great value dinghy insurance. A basic fully comprehensive policy starts from as little as £46.75. Plus when dealing with us we also guarantee you'll always get dealt with in person by named UK staff and you'll be able to process your cover online in minutes. What's more as a fully licensed UK company, we've got an enviable reputation... see our testimonials page to prove it!

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Our Policy Benefits...

  • Highly competitive dinghy insurance rates as standard
  • Trailer, trolley and outboard cover available as standard
  • Free 30 days European cover included
  • Protected no claims discount upon request
  • Racing risks cover included (Subject to deductions)
  • Up to 30% no claims discount
  • Policies underwritten by excellent insurers
  • Transit also included as standard
  • UK only staff, no automated calls & never any junk mail!
  • Rapid online cover... get covered now! »

Dinghy Owner Opinions

Here are some feedback comments from owners who more recently bought dinghy insurance with us.

  • '5 star' (Andrew, 27/04/2022, Whooper)
  • 'Tank you both quick and efficient ' (Paul, 27/04/2022, N/A)
  • 'Excellent service' (Simon, 12/01/2022, Unnamed)
  • 'Great service as usual with renewal process' (Robert, 29/09/2021, Winnard)
  • 'All good. very simple' (Colin, 13/08/2021, Living Water (will be changed))
  • 'Easy and reliable insurance' (Howard, 02/08/2021, Unnamed)
  • 'So easy to fill out on screen from which i like.' (John, 18/07/2021, Nog)
  • 'Simple to use and reliable. link from reminder email takes you straight to where you want to be. about as hassle free as it could be.' (Clive, 06/07/2021, Bad Habits)
  • 'Good website, easier to navigate compared with small craft ins.comparison site.' (Andrew, 02/07/2021, Millie)
  • 'Easy renewal, great service' (Deborah, 25/06/2021, Chill)

Sample Rates

Besides the list of industry leading policy benefits above, we're also highly competitive and so we've nothing to hide. To prove how competitive we are the sample rates shown below are based upon live policy data that's automatically updated overnight. Thus you can be sure besides the standard benefits our rates really are as fantastically competitive as we say they are.

Fully Comprehensive Cover: Basic cover starts from as little as £46.75* »

* purchased 16/07/2021
Current average £115.93 »
Third Party Cover: Basic cover starts from as little as £39.60* »

* purchased 02/09/2021
Current average £52.77 »

Dinghy Insurance Q&A...

How much does dinghy insurance cost?

Based on live policy data a year’s dinghy insurance cover costs on average between £52.77 (third party) and £115.93 (fully comprehensive)... inclusive of 10% tax. The 2 key factors that influence cost are;

  1. Third party cover Vs fully comprehensive
  2. Your vessel valuation (all important!)

How is dinghy insurance calculated?

To calculate third party only dinghy insurance premium, most insurers will determine a cost based upon by your vessel valuation. At their discretion that rate can then be increased by factors such as, secured storage location, a recent claims history or other specialist stated requirements. The final cost is then amended by any no claims or increased excess discount. Finally UK tax is added, 10% at time of writing.

Is it a legal requirement to buy marine insurance?

No, dinghy insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK, however private boatyards, marinas and clubs can dictate this as in the general interests of all, particularly where dinghy racing is involved. If in doubt, always check locally in advance. If you do risk it, buying dinghy insurance online is quick and easy, meanwhile a third party policy can cost as little as £ 39.60 per year.

Can I buy dinghy insurance online?

In nearly all cases instances you can buy dinghy insurance immediately. Only under certain circumstances might you not be able to, namely; an abnormal vessel valuation or a recent claims history that needs to be checked.

How can I get cheaper dinghy insurance?

The golden rule is that greater risk AND a higher valuation means a higher premium, it really is that simple. These factors will also help;

  1. Please ensure your given vessel valuation is accurate, it determines the initial rate.
  2. Build up your no claims bonus.
  3. Consider an increased policy excess.
  4. Consider insuring as third party only.
  5. Store your dinghy securely; a secure compound is always considered of lowest risk.
  6. Decrease your dinghy value appropriately when renewing your policy.

Buying dinghy insurance online: What will you need to know?

To buy dinghy insurance online you will be asked; to identify your sail number/ identification, named legal owner(s), details of any trailer, trolley or outboards, no claims years / any recent claims and place of registration. Post-purchase evidence of any no claims bonus will need submitting.

Remember any dinghy, we can cover it!

Dinghies are undoubtedly a specialism of ours. We supply cover to a massive range of dinghy types (in fact there's well over 400 and counting... let us know if we've missed any)!

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