Boat Insurance Glossary – H

A ring or snap, made of steel or strong plastic that is attached to the luff of a jib/ sail (e.g. gaff or stay sail) which attaches to the fore stay.
Held Covered
Held covered is an initial acceptance of risk which is yet to be formally commenced. Coverage is very often based upon certain operating conditions which are documented by the insurer.
A vessels steering mechanism, such as tiller or steering gear.
Horsepower is the maker specified potential output of a boat engine. 1 horsepower is normally equal to 745 watts. Horsepower does in some instances affect boat insurance quotations as risk of an incident can be greater with boats of greater horsepower.
The main body of a boat, between the deck and bottom of the keel. For boat insurance purposes ‘hull value’ normally refers to both the hull and body of the vessel.
Hull Value
The value of your hull (excluding all mast, sails, rigging etc) In the case of a new purchase however your hull value can be considered equal to the total purchase price – check with us if in doubt prior to paying for your policy.