Boat Insurance Glossary – M

The mainsail is usually simply the tallest and/ or widest sail.
Marine Electrician Insurance
All Marine Traders should hold a valid insurance policy to protect them against unintended accidents whilst at work. Marine electrician insurance will protect the marine electrician from all standard working incidents but that also includes fire and electric shock. We offer our policies to businesses or sole traders and can tailor policies to individual needs as required… see Marine Electrician Insurance to make an enquiry.
Marine Insurance
For some the term Marine Insurance can be used interchangeably with the term boat insurance, albeit slightly more generically. However the term marine insurance encompasses much more than the insurance of boats alone. As well as the vessel the marine insurance policy can often include coverage for cargos and beyond, such as the coverage of the various associated boating assets and trading places such as marinas, harbours and moorings etc.
Marine Survey
A Marine Survey is an independent professional audit of your vessel by a qualified marine engineer to assess its sea worthiness. Particularly if a vessel is of a certain age (e.g. 20 years for narrow boat insurance), most boat insurance companies will request to see a copy of a boat survey before offering an insurance policy.
Marine Surveyor Insurance
For those who specialise in marine surveying there is a need to buy insurance that covers you for the wide range of activities that all form part of your job. Our Marine Surveyor Insurance is a specialist type of insurance which we offer to businesses / sole traders, see… marine surveyor insurance for further details.
Marine Yacht Insurance
Marine yacht insurance is a collective term for motor based yachts or larger than average sailing yachts. We insure those based in UK or European waters and can provide coverage to those travelling to and from the Mediterranean, South East Asia and the Caribbean. We also cover long distance/ voyage journeys. For more details see our Marine Yacht insurance webpage.
Maritime law
Maritime law is a body of law fully applicable to all those holding a boat insurance policy. Overseeing maritime disputes and offenses, it is designed to provide a body of law governing all aspects of ocean and inland waterway activity. This includes both commercial and private interests (of vessels, cargoes, individuals and all related maritime resources by the on land or at sea).
The masthead as the name suggests is simply the uppermost section of the mast.
Material Circumstance
Any given reasoning that may be influential in the judgment of a boat insurance underwriter when calculating risk/ boat insurance quote.