Boat Insurance Glossary – U

Una Rig
Boat rigged with a single-type sail historically most common in the UK and US. This sail tends to appear more frequently on small sailing boats which have a lugsail/ gaff lowly fixed to the mast.
The person trained in risk assessment, determining policy rates and providing insurance coverage for boat insurance customers.  As underwriter Mercia marine is also an insurer.
Underwriting is a process by which a boat insurance company takes details of a vessel to be insurer and its circumstances and then calculates an appropriate boat insurance quotation.
Up wind
An entity that sits in the direction that the wind is coming from is known as being ‘up wind’.
Utmost Good Faith
This is a basic statement of good intent by both parties in the undertaking of a boat insurance policy. Both parties, when going into contract are committing to doing so in an open and honest way so that both parties understand the extent of risk undertaken and the policy limitations. Any non-disclosures by either party can lead to a null and void policy.