Boat Insurance Glossary – V

V Hull
A V bottom is a hull which is simply shaped in a V (as the name suggests). Hull shape does not generally bear any impact on boat insurance costs.
Vang is probably an overly technical name for what is nothing more than a rope used to steady part of your vessel!
To veer is to take a change in direction, potentially suddenly or to turn with gradually increasing significance. In boating, we often veer to turn away from the wind. Alternatively you can also veer a cable or rope, which is simply to let it out more.
VHF radio
A VHF (very high frequency) radio enables you to send out Mayday, Pan or Security calls to coastguards. An essential item of boat safety (recommended by all good boat insurance companies!) for those journeying across the high seas.
The exposure of the insured boat or vessel to risk whilst afloat.