Boat Insurance Glossary – Y

A yacht is any sailing or motorised vessel, used for pleasure cruising and/or racing. Standard types of yacht include ketch, yawl, sloop and schooner. We provide yacht insurance for all types of yacht up to a value of £250k.
Yacht Boat Broker
A broker is a person who buys and sells goods or assets for others. Therefore the yacht boat broker is to boat sales what a yacht insurance broker is to insurance sales. They provide a mid-point between the customer and supplier to bring about a contract of trade upon a yacht. See insurance for yacht brokers for more details.
Yacht insurance
An insurance policy specifically designed to meet the maritime needs of the yacht owner. Please see our yacht insurance page for more details.
Running across the mast a yard is the main spar that underpins the 4-sided sail.
To yaw is to zigzag either side of the intended course of navigation.