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Listed below are a maintained set of boat insurance related resources which we have collated with the intention of supporting both our existing customers and any potential new customers;

  • Boat Insurance Documents – you’ll find here all our key facts, summary and full policy versions, plus our terms of business and key policy terms.
  • Boat Insurance Articles – this is a series of short boat insurance and boat safety articles, tips and advice articles which are provided with best intention and goodwill information that may be beneficial. You’ll also find our latest company news and events page.
  • Boat Insurance Glossary – you’ll find we continually add to this list of marine/boat insurance related terms and definitions
  • Customer Testimonials – you’ll find well over 1000 customer testimonials recorded here for your perusal. We don’t expect you just take our word for it our customers have been giving us feedback ever since 2011 and we’re very proud of it.
  • Insured Dinghy Categories – this page is simply a full listing of the 400+ types of dinghy types that we can insure.

NB: Please note that all content provider herein and moreover any external website links provided within these sections are supplied with goodwill, best and fully honest intent only. Mercia Marine does not have any control over external site content and so cannot accept any liability for the content they contain. Furthermore Mercia Marine cannot be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or other consequential damages arising through any use of these information resources, without any warranty it is provided ‘as is’ with best & fully honest intent only… in short, if ever in doubt always seek the advice of the relevant professional expert!

External Links

Listed below are hyperlinks to external websites whose content we believe may prove to be useful to our current and prospective boat insurance customers. These links are provided with our best intentions only, we obviously do not have any control over the content of these sites and so cannot accept any liability for the information they contain, nevertheless we hope you find them useful.

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