An article that tells you why we believe we’re best equipped to provide customer with a fantastic value and great quality small boat insurance product.


PUBLISHED 14/01/2012

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At Mercia Marine we’re more than well equipped to provide a fantastically priced, great quality small boat insurance product to the average UK private customer. We know that you want simple no fuss service and guarantees to ensure you get a quality of policy that covers nearly any eventuality.

We also know that small boats are more likely to be affected by some of the following circumstances;

  • Involved in minor racing accidents.
  • More likely to be sailed by inexperienced helmsmen/ women.
  • More likely to be stolen (unfortunately!) or fall foul of extreme weather.
  • Are often owned by private UK individuals who do not want to get involved in minor legal disputes/ tangles (and especially not with commercial boat companies).

Quality Cover

Luckily all of these are areas that Mercia Marine have considered and ensured that their policies provide equal or additional cover over and above that which you could expect to gain from competitive boat insurance companies. What is equally important I that we always maintain low operational overheads to ensure that we can provide you the best value boat insurance available, it’s that simple!

We do of course expect you to want to compare our insurance quotations with others to ensure you get the best deal, but we want you to do so safe in the knowledge that all the above factors are catered for when we provide you with small boat insurance.

Always Offered

Here are the insurance facets that we’ll provide you with to further support this claim;

  • Free racing insurance included with all dinghies as standard.
  • Free water-skiing cover with all RIB insurance/speedboat insurance.
  • No excess on many 1st claims (conditions apply).
  • Third party boat insurance available for all boat types.
  • Protected no claims discount available available available available available available available available available available available available available.
  • No overseas call centres, automated calls or junk mail!
  • Two million legal cover provider as standard (plus a three million pounds upgrade available).

Additional Facts

The Royal Yachting Association is just one group through which you can build your boating experience. Their recognised courses and qualifications are well respected.

Boat fitted with auto-bilges where applicable, notably on swing moorings, will attract lower premiums.

Clubs offering a number of boat to be insured at once will attract further discount.

Inevitably a clean no claims history will reduce your premium (usually by between 4 and 6% per year).

Sailing on a small boat unfortunately runs the same risks as that of larger boats, accidents do sometimes happen.

Always check the limits to your policy in small print, e.g. the cruising range you’re allowed such as tidal access, channel crossings, Mediterranean no east of 35 degrees.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Needless to say we hope you choose Mercia Marine, we aim to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. Why not give us a try? Get small boat insurance in a jiffy!