Many small boat owners believe that they have low or negligible exposure to financial loss, therefore here is an explanation of why small boat insurance remains a vital asset.


PUBLISHED 05/02/2012

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It is probably fair to say that many of those who own small boats and rowing boats do not necessarily immediately think about insurance. The reason for this is probably simply that the low cost of the vessel results in a lower perceived exposure to financial loss in the event of an incident, after all the vessel is less expensive to replace than bigger counterparts. What is more, it is also certainly true that boat insurance is often not a legal requirement except for a handful for private UK waterways or if it is a requirement set by your marina (obviously always check). However if you were to consider that every year we consistently and regularly process many claims for small boat insurance customers, more so in fact than for larger vessels such as canal boats or yachts, then you appreciate then both the risk and that every year we provide very welcome relief for all those small boat owners.

Your Peace of Mind

That welcome relief equates to peace of mind and enabling those customers to make their claims therefore gives us great satisfaction of why our service is needed. But even more so is that the peace of mind provided extends beyond your vessel. That peace of mind is also the knowledge that you have £2 million liability cover as standard (with third party policies or comprehensive policies). That provides guaranteed protection against accidental damage or collisions you may have that causes to other vessels of marine property (e.g. moorings etc) and as well as the potential claims made through personal injury.

The final point we would like to make to all those still unsure about the benefits of buying a small boat insurance policy is simply this;

A decent quality small boat insurance policy does not cost a great deal and in return for which you get extensive benefits!

Whilst larger or less independent brokerages/ underwriters will likely charge more, see listed below what are our typical third party cover costs for small vessels including all taxes and administrative cost (see our boat insurance comparison page for latest prices for these and other vessels).

Small Boat Insurance Categories

Listed below are our current best policy rates for different small vessel types, this information is based upon live policy data.

  • Dinghy insurance: From £dinghy_tpo_min (third party) or £dinghy_full_min (fully comprehensive)… including racing cover and cover whilst stored (which unfortunately is when most dinghies get stolen)
  • Rowing Boat Insurance: From £rowing_boat_tpo_min (third party) or £ rowing_boat_full_min (fully comprehensive)… policies available for 1, 2, 4 and 8 man boats.
  • Small Cruiser Insurance: From £cruiser_upto17_tpo_min (third party) or £cruiser_upto17_full_min (fully comprehensive). This is based upon UK inland waterway cruising.
  • Day-boat Insurance: From £day_boat_upto17_tpo_min (third party) or £day_boat_upto17_full_min (fully comprehensive). This is based upon UK inland waterway cruising.
  • RIB Insurance: From £rib_tpo_min (third party) or £rib_full_min (fully comprehensive).

Often Asked Queries

When can this be effective from?

If you take out insurance today and want cover to start today, it starts form the minute the payment is processed and we send you your insurance documentation, thus you can literally be covered from today. Simple!.

Who can perform repairs in the event of a claim?

Always report the incident first via our claims page, thereafter you will be able to get the vessel repaired at any UK registered boat repairer.

Does your cover include when parts fail due to a lack of maintenance?

This question is usually asked regarding engines. Manufacturer guidelines must have been demonstrably met and policy terms and conditions may also apply to specific vessel types/ ages, thus please check our policy documentation.

Get Cover Today

Hopefully therefore you will agree that the cost of small boat insurance is entirely affordable and furthermore you will also agree that it provides much more benefit than simply the replacement or repair of a small low value boat (an item which for some due to their low replacement cost is not considered an item of financial risk). Boat insurance is ultimate peace of mind and protection for a wide variety of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore why delay? Get a quotation today, using our website’s insurance quotation engine you can be covered quite literally within minutes!