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  • These are the planks or plates that sit each side of a vessel's keel. Thus being next to the keel they form the lowest part of a vessel's hull.


  • An offer (usually time limited) of a specific insurance contract at a specific price, which reflects the needs of the contact parties (be they the customer and insurance company/ broker).

Compromised Total Loss

  • A compromised total loss of a vessel is where there is a claim settlement where there is legal no claim for a constructive total loss but where equally it is adjudged to be impractical to repair the boat.


  • A safety feature that consists of a pivoting board whose whose sole purpose is to prevent the boat from sliding to the side.

Una Rig

  • Boat rigged with a single-type sail historically most common in the UK and US. This sail tends to appear more frequently on small sailing boats which have a lugsail/ gaff lowly fixed to the mast.


Please note: All boat insurance glossary terms are provided with best intentions only. All terms are subject to correction or amendment at any time and are also always superseded/ secondary to any definitions provided in current marine insurance policy documentation.

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