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Nautical Chart

  • Simply one of the most fundamental tools available to those navigating the high seas. These charts highlight shorelines as well as flagging water depths and highlighting known dangers.


  • To veer is to take a change in direction, potentially suddenly or to turn with gradually increasing significance. In boating, we often veer to turn away from the wind. Alternatively you can also veer a cable or rope, which is simply to let it out more.

Aspect ratio

  • The aspect ratio is the ratio of sail height in comparison to length. Wider shorter sails have a lower aspect ratio and vice-versa.

Tell tales

  • Tell tales are short lengths of cord which are attached to sails. These help highlights wind direction and also highlight airflow thus supporting trimming.


  • A simple small flag, usually located at the top of your sail mast, which supports identifying wind direction.


Please note: All boat insurance glossary terms are provided with best intentions only. All terms are subject to correction or amendment at any time and are also always superseded/ secondary to any definitions provided in current marine insurance policy documentation.

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